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The paid content is spoken for years, but the current models of pay-wall are waiting for success. Journalists are still dependent on the advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook. As a result, the redundancy of editorial staff and the cost reduction are continually being achieved. There is basically no time for doing good journalism.

Our concept of paid content goes much further than an ordinary pay-wall. We use the principles of absolute openness and network effect that social networks have been using for years. That is why we believe that Kairly brings a promising model of paid content on the Internet.

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Was said about us.

Nowadays, when attacks on journalists, including physical ones, are increasing, we need to find a sustainable economic model for journalism. Only in this way can we keep independent journalism on politicians and large private corporations. And only in this way we can resist the phenomena of fake news and ensure that the complete freedom of speech is preserved.

Kairly comes up with an interesting concept of paid content on the internet, which is significantly different from the current not very successful attempts.