Important feature required for Building Audio Streaming App & Website

Audio streaming is becoming popular day by day. Podcasts and online radio has become very common today. The potential audience using the audio platform is significantly increasing so this is definitely an audience worth looking into. All kinds of businesses, organizations and individuals are now using audio as a tool to reach people.

Businesses that can take advantage of audio streaming :

  • Radio Stations
  • News Channels
  • Music Shows
  • Talk Shows
  • Entertainment shows
  • Sports Shows
  • Religious Shows

The Growing popularity of audio streaming gives businesses and organizations to stay in the trend and to reach people in a new way. If you are a business planning to have an independent audio platform then it is better to approach an audio streaming platform provider that builds your audio streaming website and app. Before building an audio streaming website

Here are the list of features that needs to be considered 

1. Accessible on all devices 

Building up Audio Streaming website and app should be supported on all devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets and TVs. so that your website and app can be accessed mostly by all people using different devices 

2. Support Multiple formats 

Choosing an audio streaming platform that supports all types of audio formats like Mp3, ACC, WAV, Ogg. It becomes easier to convert audio files from one format to another. Audio can be streamed at different bitrates without any mismatch 

3. Live streaming Capability 

The audio streaming websites should also have the live streaming capability so that users can live stream audio content from anywhere. It should also possess features like pause, start, rewind, stop and replay live streaming. Recording live streaming content which can be stored and later streamed as an on-demand audio content 

4. Advanced security features 

Security features like DRM, SSO prevent the audio streaming platform from  third party attacks and it should ensure that customers data stay safe  

5. Analytics and reports 

This analytics feature helps you track the performance of audio content. It gives insights into audience behaviour. It gives data about trending content, users location, users devices, number of users, average time spent and many more. 

6. Content delivery network 

Connecting most of the servers around the world, like a globally connected network so there is the fast transfer of audio data from the nearest server to end-users without any issues or lag 

7. Audio CMS 

Audion Content management system is required so that audio files are segregated in different categories so it makes it easier for users to find what they needed.

8. White label Audio streaming

Users own logo and brand are placed forward as the audio website and app is customized and designed as a user own audio platform

9. User Registration option

Users having multiple options to sign in to your audio streaming website maybe through Google, Facebook, Twitter or even with another email. It is always essential that users can access your content after the signing up process

10. Search bar option 

Another important feature required is the search bar as it makes it easier for users to type in the textbox to find out what they were searching for on the website or in-app 

11. Dynamic Audio player 

The audio player should possess various options so that users can start, pause, stop, rewind or replay audio along with lyrics. The audio streaming website should definitely have an Audio player  

12. Download option and play offline 

An audio streaming website should have an option for a user to download audio and store it permanently so that they can listen to it offline anytime and at any place 

13. Separate playlist 

Having an option where users can create a separate list so that they can store the most favourite or liked songs in this list. They can easily select this list if they wanted to play the audio content again  

14. Storage Capacity 

Be wise to choose an audio streaming platform that offers sufficient storage capacity so that there can be a possibility for a sufficient number of  audio uploads  

15. Better UX design 

Users nowadays expect a world-class audio streaming experience so it is better to ensure the audio streaming website is well developed and designed so it makes it easier for a user to navigate around the app it ultimately results in more user engagement

16. Social Sharing Button

The audio platform should have a social sharing option so that it makes it easier for a user to share  audio content with other people in social media networks and in another way it helps in reaching more people and increase in visitors to your site 

17. Monetization options 

Another important feature the audio streaming platform shoul possess is a monetization option so the content owners can generate money via the audio streaming site. Different monetization options are subscription-based, Ad based and Transaction based.


Audio streaming app and websites are likely to become more profitable in future. It would never be a mistake if you are in the idea of building your own audio platforms. Finally, it is necessary to consider the above-mentioned features required for audio streaming websites and apps. It’s always a better option to choose an audio streaming platforms provider which offers the above-mentioned features   

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