How to Boost your Video by adding Subtitles

Most people spend more time on the internet watching videos, video has become an effective medium as it makes more people engaging and it is very easily accessible by the people. Video has been a good path for the delivery of information as well. Another feature that enhances the video more engaging and far-reaching is by adding text to it 

Subtitles are on-screen text that conveys the dialogue, narration, and introduction displayed on the screen Whereas captions are also the same thing but include text for what type of music is being played and background music like a dog barking, car honking .they are two types of captions Open captions and closed captions. Open captions are the text already inserted in the video itself where viewers cannot switch off or on whereas the closed captions have the options to switch off or on as it includes readable text files Subtitles can be used for online video ads, training courses, e-learning content, and music videos. 


Reach more people 

Subtitles are a cost-effective method and it helps in reaching a huge amount of people as nowadays people prefer watching it rather than hearing it online. A video with subtitles helps in reaching a foreign language audience. For example, If the audio is in the English language and u have some targeted audience is in Spain and french it is better to add subtitles in Spain and french as it makes them watch this video. Suppose if ur video is Chinese content and if u have English text it helps in teaching English speaking audiences .adding languages in the captions help in reaching more people 


Engagement and Accessibility 

It is noted that videos with no text have less engagement when compared to videos with subtitles. People nowadays in public prefer to watch videos on mute as they don't want to disturb others in public places. It is noted that there are around 50 million people are deaf and adding subtitles to the video content makes it easily accessible to these kinds of people .80% of people are likely to watch an entire video when subtitles are available. On Facebook 85% of the users watch the video in mute There is an increase in views up to 40 per cent in videos with subtitles than without subtitles



Another major advantage is SEO when subtitles are added to the video content, the transcript file will be crawled by Google bot and the content will be indexed. This will result in appearing at the top of the google search engine result page .top ranking on google results in more traffic to the website which ultimately results in more conversions and sales  



Adding subtitles to the video content varies from one video platform to the other, whereas in subtitle translation there is some kind of steps to be followed like the transcript is time-coded, converted to a particular format for translation. Subtitles are a cost-effective method in reaching large numbers of people. If you're making video content just don't miss out on adding subtitles to it 

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