Top 10 Best OTT Platforms Providers in 2021

OTT is a service that is showcased across multi-platforms, devices, or locations, etc via internet-enabled OTT streaming. The advent technology of live video streaming, on-demand streaming is seamlessly integrated into the custom-built over-the-top platform & providers of OTT assist you to have a complete end-to-end development solution. 

OTT Platform

Industries Taking Leverage By Making The OTT Platform:

eLearning: The education sector has reached the next level of facilitating practical learning via ott video solutions. Through the means of virtual connectivity, it has made it easier for audiences.

Film Makers: Now the art of streaming OTT content of premium movies is now a piece of cake for filmmakers, production houses, TV channel distributors, etc using your own OTT software solution.

Sports: The next big thing in the streaming industry is when live sports are broadcasted & creates a binged effect! Real-time streams build sustainable revenues for non-stop OTT sports streaming.  

Faith and spirituality: Faith-based video-on-demand furnished by OTT software providers have begun to connect community members or local groups worldwide after the emergence of lock-down policies.  

Broadcast: Manage your live broadcasts by simultaneously showcasing your enterprising on-demand videos across social channels, & to various devices such as PCs, tablets, mobiles, consoles

Healthcare: Medical live streaming has proved to be a pivotal resource in the pandemic for providing doctor consultations, scheduling appointments through a personalized portal, med hand-holding, etc.  

Lifestyle: Want to sell your unique skills of workouts online? You can make it work with branded fitness streaming studios with high-quality video production & monetize your fitness videos effectively.

Top 10 OTT Platform Providers in The Streaming Market

Check out the curated list of the world's best OTT solution to start an OTT business

1. VPlayed 

VPlayed' OTT TV solution helps media, entertainment services, cable operators, and others to launch an enhanced OTT video platform that unfurls the reach of crystal-quality video content across multiple platforms without hassles. VPlayed video solution also allows channel partners to upload their video content directly from the specific dashboard with effective analytics. Other highlighted features of VPlayed include video content management, HD transcoding, Offline download, video monetization (OTT subscription, OTT TV advertising), social media integration, etc.

2. IBM Cloud Video 

IBM Cloud Video is one of the lead players in providing OTT solutions to direct and third-party OTT streaming services. Over the top video management from IBM comes with granular access controls to expand the audience and monetize every user. The highlighted features of Ustream include live and video-on-demand streaming, multi-platform UX API, multi-DRM support, Flexible third-party billing APIs 9PayTV, iTunes, Google, Roku), etc.

3. Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay is armed with extensive Cloud OTT TV solution facilities that facilitate every form of OTT video streaming including SVOD, AVOD, PPV, etc. It boasts of robust security features like Digital Rights Management (DRM), encryption, and access control. The OTT TV solution is based on an ingenious architecture and framework independently developed by Contus targeting new generation Over-the-top service providers. Other noteworthy features of Contus Vplay include catch-up tv, social gateway integration, custom reports & analytics, Video Discovery, video distribution & syndication, video monetization, etc.

4. Kaltura

Kaltura OTT platform promises a hassle-free launch of an Over-the-top solution service embedded with video monetization, flexible customizations, social interactions, etc. Kaltura OTT TV is made up of 5 major modules including Kaltura MediaHub, MediaStore, MediaPrep, MediaX & MediaGo. Each module has specific OTT solutions like connected device content delivery, central access to video content, DRM control, etc.

5. Dalet

Ooyala’s OTT video platform comes with eCommerce APIs and content-specific product development facilities. The highlight of the OTT video solution is the Ooyala Revenue Builder which will help broadcasters to earn more revenue through proper channelizing of their owner content. As a turn-key solution, Ooyala’s eCommerce integrations serve amply in distributing TVOD, SVOD, live-to-VOD sort of contents.

6. Quickplay 

QuickPlay is for all kinds of media content companies, but more apt for MVPDs (Multichannel Video Program Distributors) who need high flexibility and scalability. The OTT video solution is based on an open modular architecture and is market-ready for deployment in IPTV STBs and OTT devices with a uniform user experience. 

7. Uscreen

Uscreen creates independent OTT websites and apps. Fast encoding and multi-bitrate streaming enable a 4K UHD quality viewing experience over a variety of devices including mobiles and smart TVs. The fully white-labeled platform is equipped with an HTML5 player and is powered by 2 global CDN. 

8. ToTheNew

To The New develops applications for devices like smart TV, gaming consoles, and much more. Videos can be securely uploaded in bulk with DRM. Multiple monetization options like in-app purchases, third-party integrated ads, player branding are available. 

9. Zebra OTT

Zebra OTT delivers simpler IPTV and OTT solutions characterized by superior usability, flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. ZebraOTT, with a flexible turnkey IPTV/OTT centralized solution, can be interesting to telecom and cable operators, internet service providers, and content owners. 

10. Vidmind 

Vidmind’s OTT platform is intended for cable operators, content serving companies and OTT service providers alike. The platform can be used for the quick launch of TV services at a minimal cost. 


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