Product Judgment: How some people can repeatedly create product success

Let’s talk about that trickiest of subjects: Product Judgment.

Also known as Product Intuition or Product Instinct or Product Taste, it is the idea that you can use your own judgment to (1) accurately predict what your customers need, want and value, and (2) design and ship the right solution for them. Here, I will tackle some of the common questions around it:

  • Does it exist? What exactly is it? 
  • Who has it? Who doesn’t? 
  • Who thinks they have it but don’t? 
  • Is it natural or learned? How do I get it?

Product Judgment is a tricky subject because any time someone working in a Product role has their judgment questioned, the natural reaction can often be to take it personally, to infer that the person critiquing is challenging their ability to do a good job. How can you be good at Product if you don’t have strong Product Judgment? 

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