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A List Apart

A List Apart

Navigating the Awkward: A Framework for Design Conversations

We’ve all been there. A client or coworker shows us this amazing thing they (and maybe their entire team) have worked on for hours or weeks. They are so proud of it. It’s new or maybe it just looks new. They may or may not ask you what you think—but you’re there to experience it. And your brain quietly screams.

As an experienced designer, you often have an intuitive reaction and can quickly spot bad designs; they may be visually incongruent, poorly structured, confusing, lack social awareness, or look like they are trying too hard.

If your initial response is so negative that it slips through into your expression or voice or body language, it can completely sabotage any possibility of buy-in. And, far more seriously, it can ruin the relationship of trust and collaboration you’re building with that person. 

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UX Research

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Ethical Considerations In UX Research: The Need For Training And Review

We rely on UX research, collecting data from our users, to inform our UX process. As the Nielsen Norman Group aptly states “UX without user research is not UX”. That doesn’t mean that all UX teams conduct research the same way, or have specific roles dedicated to UX research. This means everyone on a UX team has the potential to play a role in collecting and analyzing data. For example, designers might need to conduct their own usability testing. PMs and developers might assist with analyzing interview data to identify themes.

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UX Planet

UX Planet

How to run a virtual user journey mapping workshop

A step by step process and Miro template

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With WFH going for months without a definitive end, our team had to adjust how we collaborate and communicate. Long gone are the days when we could hold the in-person user testing, brainstorming, and workshop sessions that were once essential to our workflow. Now, we collaborate and conduct design critiques over video call and watch each other’s cursors zoom around Figma screens.

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