US Smart Light Switch can be connected to a smart phone US Smart Light Switch can be connected to a smart phone

From the "look" point of view, this smart socket is not much different from traditional sockets, except that each socket is equipped with a switch button, and each socket panel is equipped with a time display , Can be used to display the specific time when the current <a href="">EU Smart Light Switch</a> jack power is on. Like ordinary smart products, can be connected to a smart phone through a matching application, and the smart phone can monitor and control the power usage of each socket of the user.


More intelligently, US Smart Light Switch can also set the timer switch of each socket, and even automatically turn off the forgotten socket switch when you are fully charged. In addition, can also provide a reasonable response to the rising electricity bills at home. It can not only save money, but also contribute to the construction of a conservation-oriented society.




For those with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, they are either worried that the plug of their electric iron is not unplugged, or that the gas is not turned off or the door is not locked. Now, with this US Smart Light Switch, there is no need to worry anymore. With the remote control function of US Smart Light Switch, you can turn off the power switch in your home at any time by clicking on the APP, which is convenient, worry-free and safe.


In addition to the above advantages, another aspect of <a href="">US Remote Outlet</a> worthy of praise is its safe electricity use function. This has child lock, overcurrent protection and timer functions. In this way, whether the user has a child at home or a super confused king, US Smart Light Switch can help you hold the whole family.


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