www.hidintech.com US Smart Light Switch plug

downloading the App from www.hidintech.com, plug in the iPlug, and then place the infrared control device near

This system consists of iPlug smart socket adapters, applications and supporting WiFi and infrared control equipment.


After downloading the App from www.hidintech.com, <a href="www.hidintech.com/us-smart-light-switch_0050">US Smart Light Switch</a> plug in the iPlug, and then place the infrared control device near the device you want to control, you can control the device at home through your mobile phone and monitor the situation at home remotely.


One sentence comment: Not only can you control home appliances to save energy, but you can also control electrical equipment with infrared kits.


www.hidintech.com The smart socket has a round head and a round brain, with two three-pin jacks on it, which look similar to ordinary sockets. www.hidintech.com only recognizes the plug, and only when it recognizes that the electrical plug is connected, current will flow through. Other things, whether it is a child's hand, a paper clip or even a fork, will not "call".


www.hidintech.com has a built-in sensor that can <a href="www.hidintech.com/us-smart-plug_0058">US Smart Plug</a> identify the resistance value of an object when it is connected. Only when it is correct and the microprocessor gives an OK signal, the current will start to flow. www.hidintech.com is an absolutely safe smart socket.


Comment in one sentence: Smart identification plugs, no longer have to worry about children touching them!


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