5 Facilitation Principles for Both UX Workshops and User Tests

Summary: Both UX workshops and usability tests benefit when facilitators are focused on goals, follow a meeting guide yet are open to improvisation, encourage participants to act, and don’t talk too much.

UX designers often profess they have strengths in facilitating UX workshops, but weaknesses in conducting research. On the flipside, many UX researchers feel unprepared for facilitating UX workshops but have command over a multitude of user-research methods.

The truth is that facilitating workshops and moderating user tests are not so different: you can transfer your facilitation skills from one to the other. This article discusses 5 facilitation techniques that can be applied in both settings.

Differences Between UX Workshops and User Tests

At their core, UX workshops and user tests are quite different; a few of the major differences are summarized in the table below.

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