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What is Kairly?

Kairly is an emerging platform for journalists and their readers, which offers a unique concept of paid content.

Why is it unique?

We are returning the role of editors to journalism. Editors at Kairly publish newspapers. They include in them the best articles and tweets from authors across the platform. The readers pay a subscription for the newspapers. Money is then divided between the editor and the authors who appeared in editions of newspapers.

What it brings to the readers?

We have no advertising. We're not spying anyone. Our readers don't scroll endlessly. They only read what they really want to read and always when they want to read it.


Was said about us.

Nowadays, when attacks on journalists, including physical ones, are increasing, we need to find a sustainable economic model for journalism. Only in this way can we keep independent journalism on politicians and large private corporations. And only in this way we can resist the phenomena of fake news and ensure that the complete freedom of speech is preserved.

Kairly comes up with an interesting concept of paid content on the internet, which is significantly different from the current not very successful attempts.

Publish your newspapers and magazines on a modern platform and reach out to new readers.

Focus on what you're good at. On publishing content. We will make sure that your content reaches the readers in the best possible form, whether they are on a computer, mobile, tablet or ebooks.

We are lovers of good old paper newspapers and magazines. The platform design combines the best of the era of printed periodicals and modern UX trends from today's mobile and web applications.

Our unique concept of digital newspapers lets you reach new readers. Greater possibilities for personalization of content, as well as regularity of publishing, lead to the formation of readers' habits and thus more loyalty to your publications.

For journalists, journalists, and bloggers, we are creating an open platform inspired by, social networks where authors will be fairly competing who can inform readers in the best and most interesting way.

Nowadays, with an infinite stream of insignificant information and constantly disturbing notifications, we create an environment for readers to read, what they really want to read, and when they are used to read. The time, when we bought a newspaper and read them on the bus had, wasn't bad at all.

Jan Mikula Jan Mikula founder of Kairly

Make money on your publications with a unique concept of paid content.

Advertising can't pay good content. Readers need to learn to pay for quality content again. We have to be smart about it. Engage your publishing company in our unique paid content system.

Publish your titles through our unique concept of digital newspapers and start publishing new, more focused titles to help you reach new readers through the personalization and that will increase the likelihood of buying a monthly subscription.

Thanks to the openness of the entire platform, your original content may also appear in the edition of the other editors' newspaper. You will then receive a fair monetaryreward from the newspaper's subscription where your post appeared.

Advertising does not pay for high-quality journalism. Especially when we have a duopoly of Google and Facebook. Paid content is returning. But there are lots of troubles. Most current attempts are not very successful. We have to be smarter about it.

Let's take advantage of what social networks have done so well. Kairly uses princples of absolute openness and network effect, allowing readers to really read only what they want, and from the authors across the platform. This high personalization of the content is the key to a successful paid content model.

Roman Krejčík Roman Krejčík founder of Kairly

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