8 Best Chat Platform Providers of 2021 (Ranked and Reviewed)

Are you looking out for the best chat platform’s providers for your mobile and web app, then I am sure that you must be well aware of what these chat APIs and SDKs are?


So, without eating up your time let me straight away get into the point as to what this post is all about.


To start with, this post is all about my views pertaining to my research, simply to give you certain clarity about the best Chat platform API providers for mobile and web in 2021.


Here, I have talked about the pros, cons, features, functionalities, developers perspective, their needs in enterprises, and much more, to explore.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly – A Complete Chat Platform for Web and Mobile

Visit Website : MirrorFly.com

Founded in 2008. In the early stage this brand has launched the market as “ContusFly” but, in the later run in 2019 the brand has been renowned as “CONTUS MirrorFly,” marking it’s all-time presence in all modes of communication including chat, voice, and video.

CONTUS MirrorFly mainly targets connecting people and businesses across the world in real time through multiple platforms. Today, it has reached the place where it has been recognized as the best chat API and SDK provider for iOS, Android and web apps.

best chat platform API

MirrorFly Chat Platform Features

  1. All in one Chat Platform Including Chat,video and voice solutions.
  2. Whitelabel Chat Platform
  3. 100 Customizable Solutions
  4. Unlimited Video and Voice Calling
  5. SIP/VoIP Calling
  6. End-to-end security
  7. 150+ Chat Features


  1. Facilitated with On-cloud/on-premises hosting
  2. Highly innovative UI/UX design for better user engagement
  3. White label chat solution to build your chat platform
  4. Instant Support


  1. No monthly subscription

Supportive Platforms

iOS, Android and Web Apps

Why Choose CONTUS MirrorFly Chat Platform?

CONTUS MirrorFly is the most powerful and developer friendly API and SDK providers with chat, voice and video features that are mostly looked up for

  1. 100% customizable with over 150 + chat features that can be integrated effortlessly into any existing or pre-built device
  2. Support 1M+ concurrent users
  3. White label chat solution facilitated with ready-made platform
  4. Self hosted infrastructure with on-cloud/on-premises option
  5. One-time-license cost
  6. Enables high-end security with HIPAA, GDPR, AES-256, and much mo

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