Meet “The Ethical Design Handbook”: How To Leave Dark Patterns Behind

Over the past twenty years, user privacy has become merely a commodity on the web: there, but hardly ever respected — and often swiftly discarded. No wonder ad-blockers have gained traction, browsers have introduced tracking protection, and new legislation in form of GDPR and CCPA brought regulations for data collection.

We need to craft better digital products that respect customer’s choices without hurting business KPIs. And we need to do so by taming data collection and abandoning dark patterns, from hidden checkboxes to ambiguous copywriting. How do we get there?

That’s the question we wanted to answer. Meet Ethical Design Handbook, a new Smashing book full of practical techniques and blueprints on how companies ridden with shady practices can shift towards better, sustainable design. Download a free PDF excerpt (1 MB).

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