Creating a Principle prototype animation in 30 minutes — beginner’s guide

Break out of Invision Land and take your prototypes to the next level.

IInvision stans, fret not. I still adore prototyping tools like Invision,, Adobe XD, etc… I am not trying to make an argument that one tool is better than another, but rather bring awareness to how simple it can be to create more complex interactions when needed.

For those starting out in UX design, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the treasure trove of robust tools and programs that exist. The tool that you use should be informed by the intention of your prototype, whether it be scrappy and high-level concept validation for a product idea, or a hyper-focused micro-interaction for an individual feature. For those who are curious, here’s a great breakdown of a lot of the well-known prototyping tools out there.

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