How to design a sleek dashboard UI

A step by step guide with helpful tips.

Dashboard UI design

WWelcome to the second step by step UI guide. Since you really liked my first article on “How to achieve Friendly, Lightweight UI”, I decided to make another one in a similar manner. Please note, that this is not a “legit” process on how to create a product. We will focus on creating a clean, consistent UI, and we skip all the research/user experience/whatever you like to call it/steps.

Basic idea & rough wireframe

Let’s start with an idea for a dashboard.

We are going to create a dashboard for a healthcare industry, preferably doctors, who have daily shifts, different patients and other duties (my aunt is a doctor, and actually she is not only saving lives, but as she says “there’s sh*tload of paperwork to do”) 😉. I will use Sketch for the whole process.

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