Prototyping in Figma and ProtoPie, a comparison — Part 1

Prototyping in Figma and ProtoPie, a comparison

In this article we’ll explore Figma’s prototyping capabilities by building a basic app login. We’ll then compare Figma’s prototyping process to ProtoPie to see how the two tools differ in both their approach and features.

PPrototyping has never had such a high profile with a whole host of tools that now give you varying ability to realise your designs beyond their static UI and into a working usable thing. It's fair to say that Prototyping amongst other things has been a bit of a battlefield amongst tools with some going offering a broad range of features with others instead of being more specialised and adopting close integrations with others.

Today I want to look at two such tools that offer on the surface an overlap of features but very different capabilities and approaches in the hope to give you enough of a comparison to decide what to use and when.

So what exactly are Figma and ProtoPie?

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