What’s not an MVP

SSome time ago, I saw this beautiful inspirational image on Twitter that told inexperienced entrepreneurs and product managers how they should approach the development of their products. It had hundreds of retweets and likes yet there is something fundamentally wrong with it. To be honest with you, this image is a piece of shit and it shouldn’t have been shared at all.

Let’s start with a simple question. What’s the point of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? Why do we follow this minimal approach, and why does it have so many fans?

  1. It allows you to deliver the product to the market for a relatively cheap price and as fast as possible.
  2. It helps validate the product hypothesis and test its viability.
  3. You can learn more about the target market and your users.
  4. It lets you acquire know-how and the necessary abilities to build such a product.

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