5 Signs That You Need a Redesign

A short guide on how to identify, that you need to make a complete visual refreshment to make your business grow

C: The time has come and now I know, that we need a full redesign.

TR: Okay, cool! When was your current design created and if you’re planning to add new functionality to the app?

C: Yes, of course! We’ve invented 3 new features and now we’re ready to change the design, that was created 5 years ago.

The redesign is a very individual service, but most of the people usually either wait too long before making a redesign (and this waiting can be critical, especially if we’re talking about mobile and web apps) or can’t stop making redesigns, that also influences user behavior and brand development not in the best way. That’s why we’ve decided to write about 5 sings, that can help you catch “just the right moment” to make a UI/UX refreshment.

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